A refreshing moment in life

I have been a professional photographer for nine years. And I didn't see this time passing at all. It all started in 2004, with a Canon Cyber Shot P32. A point and shoot that I actually used to work with, if you van believe that.

My first models were cousins and friends, who I will never forget. They were more like lab mice than anything else. Risking their lovely poses in the hands of a wannabe photographer who could barely do anything out of the auto mode.

Almost a decade later, here I am. Feeling like an old dog who knows way too well there's so much to learn and do. I haven't accomplished a fraction of what I wanted to achieve in my life as a photographer. And it's not because I am ambitious. Its more because I am lazy.

Young and old heroes

My admiration goes to photographers of all ages and flavours. For most of the old folks I look up to the pioneer spirit and relentless dedication to their craft. The younger ones captivate me for their mad skills, bravery and non consuming fuel. The guys I love are on fire. They never seem to stop doing great things.

As an eternal nonconformist I look back at my work and, most of the time, I see a void. Like a whole in the body of my work, begging to be filled with things I simply didn't take the time to do. And that bothers me. I want to change that.

New everything

From now on (until I am tired again) I am refreshing. Lots of things are changing in my life - and those who care will learn more about it later. The point is I want my photography to be the first reflection of this moment. Like a fresh new ride at the park.

To celebrate that, nothing better than a whole new website. With a selection of some of the most fun things I did in the past years and lots of room for what is to come.

Welcome to my new home and get ready for a fresh and shiny new future.

Rodrigo Bressane