Five awesome websites for reference on sexy photography

Like most people on earth, and many photographers, I am fascinated by the woman body and form. So much that I have a few projects dedicated to that - Freckles, Tattoo and Body Painting.

To keep my admiration always up to date, I subscribe to a number of feeds run by people who really know how to collect and show some of the best photography of beautiful, sexy and, quite often, naked women.

Here's the best on my list of reference links on gorgeous.


Only black and white photos are allowed. And that's totally fine. The rule actually makes for the site's charm. Photos are the works of Guillaume Kayacan, working out of Brussels and Istanbul. Visit 3BIGMAMAS.

Don't tell your dad

Curated by a 18 years old girl from Madrid, this Tumblr has a great selection of sexy photos from around the web, with no specific theme, unless you count "hotness" as one. Visit Don't tell your dad.


To be honest, all sites on this list are probably very NSFW (not safe for work). This one makes sure you know that right from the title. And there's nothing else to say here, except they are serious about selecting the most tasteful NSFW you can ask for. Visit NSFWORLD

Lingerie Bomb

Be ready for an overdose of the most beautiful women wearing nothing but equally pretty bras, pants and other lingerie parts that I am not sure how to call. Want a bonus link? Well, the site has a sister page called Black & White PicABomb that I love. Now, ho ahead and visit Lingerie Bomb.

She is Glorious

The last on my list is also my favourite. So much that if I only had this one link, I'd probably be fine until the end of times. It's the best sexy photos Tumblr I ever came across. Not only their selection is amazing, the volume of posting is solid. It's even hard to keep up with, unless you check it every day. So, stop what you are doing (which is reading this) and go visit She is Glorious.

Rodrigo Bressane