How to suck at being a father

I am probably the worst of all dads. I am not counting, of course, the real bad fathers, like those who are willing to burn their kids in sacrifice (that's you, Abraham) or throw them out the window. I am talking about good dads that are just incompetent in the parenting job. That’s where I excel.

To give you a better picture, I forget my kids birth dates. Who am I kidding? I don’t even know what those are! I don’t give them christmas presents and most of the time I interact with them through instant messages (even when we’re in the same room).

I have lots of time to spend with my children. I am such a bad father though, I always manage to allocate any free time to do something else that usually doesn’t included them.

This saturday, however, I did something cool with my boy. I got a couple of spray cans and spent the whole afternoon with him painting an old skateboard we’re turning into a shelf. We also turned black all his “Nerfs” and they now look like “real deal” killing machines (which is awesome if you are into those) .

I felt great. Just like Darth Vader at the end of “The Return of The Jedi”, watching Luke getting tased by the Emperor and going “c’mon, I am better than that”. There could be hope for me.

I love my kids. With all my heart. And I wish I could be the best father ever. I will try harder. As long as I don’t have to go camping or fishing I might have a shot.

Anyway, this is not the best thing to talk about, but I figured it would be a good idea to point out I can still make as a good dad at some point. I will keep trying. Next time, maybe, with my daughter. I just forgot her name.

The Skateboard I painted with my son.  © Rodrigo Bressane

The Skateboard I painted with my son.  © Rodrigo Bressane

Rodrigo Bressane