I met an Angel at the Apple Store

Note: If you are reading this and you are my wife, the following is pure fiction. For everyone else, its all true. It really happened exactly like that.

I met a real angel. The most beautiful girl I ever saw. And possibly will ever see another one like her. She wasn’t hot, sexy, tall, supermodel, nothing like that. She was even shorter than me and, if you know me, you know that’s really, really short.

Still, she had this look that made me freeze in time. As soon as I saw her I lost track of what I was up to. I also forgot my name and home address. I felt like everything in my body was paralyzed, except for my brain. Oh, my brain was in turbo mode. My head painted a dozen masterpieces that would put Van Gogh and his gang to shame.

Before complete solidification I saw her angelic profile. Her skin seemed soft like nothing I’ve seen before. Her eyes where of a vivid caramel tone. Almost yellow. Sounds freaky, but you were not there, so trust me on this one.

It was of devastating cuteness. Her nose was perfect. I doubt a sculptor could get it so right. Her lips were perfectly measured and probably coloured by the same painter living inside my mind.

And just as I was waiting for a pair of wings to appear from underneath her dress, she turned to my direction. I was already frozen, remember? So I did nothing. I could only contemplate with love, passion, respect and fear. Waiting to go blind at any second.

Then it happened. As if one miracle wasn’t enough, my angel ignored all laws of heavens and did the unimaginable. She looked at me. For half a second. But she did. And it was profound. Like she knew what that would do me. Those caramel eyes fitted me and I felt out of my body for half a second.

The angel left. And I was ready to die.

Too bad I didn’t. Now I have this memory to carry around. And the painful knowledge that I will never see those caramel eyes again.

 © Rodrigo Bressane

 © Rodrigo Bressane

Rodrigo Bressane