Matt Harding, the coolest human on the web

The internet should have a Nobel Prize for awesomeness. And the award should go to Matt Harding every year, for about 20 years. After that, the prize itself should be named The Matt Harding Award, so everyone that gets it after him will remember there's no way to be cooler.

It was 2005 when my friend Daniel asked me if I had seen this video of a dude doing the most ridiculous dance in all sort of cool places around the world. "You have to watch it", my buddy told. And he did it in a way I knew this wasn't something as ordinary as it first sounded.

I jumped on YouTube - a brand new site that was revolutionising video on-line (we had Real Player installed back then) - and finally found the clip. Watched it once, twice, several times.

And then something odd happened. I cried. And it's not like my eyes got a little moist. I wept! Like I was a little girl who just had her first Barbie doll stolen by a creepy clown with no teeth.

No barriers

Matt travels the world and records himself dancing. And now, wherever he goes, people gather to dance with him. And he does it in France, Spain and Bolivia, but also in places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea. He goes there and dances for 15 seconds.

And just like that, one weird dance at a time, he unites the world around a common language. With no words, no points to make and no fronts do defend, Matt exposes the ever-present naked Emperor of politics, crazy religion and plain human stupidity. This world makes no sense. Matt does.

Watch his latest video below and, if you never saw anything from him, make sure you visit this link to watch all of them. Start from the beginning. You may not cry like me. If you don't feel even a bit moved, you are probably dead.

I really, really want to know what you think of Matt's videos. Please leave a comment below and be awesome!