MaxCDN is my choice for an easy to setup and affordable CDN solution

I first started considering a CDN solution when one of my clients' website started going down frequently due to heavy traffic.

I remember I had to do a series of server upgrades (all of them very costly, of course) in order to contain the traffic. They were all palliative solutions, though.

The simple fact that lots of people were consuming the content at the same time meant whatever I had in hand wouldn't be able to handle the heat, unless I payed a lot of money for a dedicated giant machine.ion

A friend of mine told me about CDN solutions. At that point I didn't even know what those were. And it turns out, it's quite simple and really, really useful. All huge players like Apple and Facebook use some sort of CDN solution. But CDN, as I discovered, Is not just for the big boys.

CDN stands for "content delivery network" and, as the name says, it solves the data load problem by spreading the traffic to many servers around the world, handing content to the customers from the locations that are closer to them.

This process takes all traffic from the original server and balances it out from mixed locations. The result is a data distribution with little impact and enormous performance.

MaxCDN was the first CDN solution I tried and I stick with it ever since. It's really simple to use. The guys over there offer awesome support and their tutorials make a no-brainer to set things up, even if you're not a tech guy.

In the case of my clients (at, most projects were developed in Wordpress. If that's your situation too, you're a lucky fellow! Setting up MaxCDN with WP is a breeze.

If you want to give it a try, here's a 25% discount code. I hope you like it.

Rodrigo Bressane