Mail Pilot still not the one to take Sparrow's throne

Mindsense has released Mail Pilot with an interesting approach to e-mail. Its goal is to leave you with a clean inbox at all times. Your mail is either dealt with, deleted or set to be taken care later. A very well planned "Getting Things Done" system.

Execution, however, is just not good enough. Specially if you are a Sparrow kid and is used to just seeing your e-mail workflow operate smoothly in a fast and reliable way.

Here are just a few examples of very annoying and sometimes alarming experiences you may face with the current version of Mail Pilot.

  • Ghost town: you navigate to one of your folders on Gmail only to see ZERO messages. Happened to me lots of times and it makes you jump to an alternative right away (which for me, is right back to Sparrow).
  • Slow mo: you reply to a message and you have to wait until it is sent to do some other action. In web based Gmail or Sparrow, sending mail is a background process and you don't have to wait for it to, say, archive a thread or move on to another conversation.
  • No moving around: when composing a message you can't drag peoples names and address around. That means if you want to change "Jesse" from the "To" field to the "Cc" field, you have to first delete him from one and type his e-mail again on the other. Very lame.
  • Sexy, yet overdressed: the whole interface, though running towards a very nice and clean state, still has lots of unnecessary information taking space and not doing much in return. A bottom bar, for instance, tells you about the main shortcuts for the app. That's cool, but eventually you learn them all by heart and there's no way to get rid of the bar. You just have to live with it.

Some of these might sound not that big of a deal (though some folks have reported frequent crashes as well), but if you already have a better experience, it makes no sense to make a move to something at least not as good.

I love Sparrow and can't believe after such a long time it was acquired and frozen by Google, nothing came even close to replacing it. I was very hopeful Mail Pilot would be it. Though it has potential, is not quite there yet. Anyway, I am hopeful.

Mail Pilot looks great and promises a lot. Still has some work to do, though. 

Mail Pilot looks great and promises a lot. Still has some work to do, though. 

Rodrigo Bressane