Memories from Normandy

June, 6th, 1944 changed the course of a war and of our History. It was on D-Day that the allied troops invaded Normandy for a series of episodes that shaped the world with memories of sadness, braveness, courage and brotherhood. Almost 70 years later, the place still breathes commotion, for the thousands of the daily visitors or for those many veterans who return, usually to say a last goodbye to forests, beaches, borders and foxholes they once called home.

In September, 2009, I visited Normandy to produce this series. Never a work brough me such strong emotions and passion. It was the experience of a lifetime.

The main inconic picture of the project, "The Helmet", is now the cover of book "The Longest Day", by Cornelius Ryan - Anniversary Editon.

This work has also been published in a series of magazines and featured in exhibits in Fnac's galleries in Brazil.

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